Katja's World:


I Iike animals

That's me, Katja:

A 13 jear old 
fun-loving girl 
Dogs, cats, guineapigs und horses are my favourite animals. I own a guineapig named "Mucki". Therefore i likely have a passion for guineapigs .

I live in Bremen:

I am Manga Fan:

  Unfortunately i am not so long a Sailor Moon Fan, but i own all existing german Fanbooks, including the one about Sailor Merkur and the Serenity special. Beside this i have Sailor Moon writing-paper and two music discs with Sailor Moon theme. Until today i have seen every episode in german TV.
  Im am born in the sign of the aquarius, like Sailor Uranus. I'm very unhappy, that there is no Sailor Moon Computergame. The episode's i like the most, are of the 5th. season. In my class in school there are only 2 Kids Sailor Moon Fan (inclusive me). 
Bremen is a very lovely and interesting Town in the north of germany. One fact mostly known by peoble are the "Bremen Town Musicans". 
But they don't know; the "Bremen Town Musicans" never comes to Bremen, they never reached the town.
I'm looking for penpals:
from all over the world, please write to my email address "sailorpluto@planet-seidler.de".

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